Great Britain


Association: British Horseback Archery Association

Chairman of the British Horseback Archery Association, a regular member of team GB in the European Grand Prix series, and one of the top mounted archers in the UK, competing both nationally and internationally and earning medals in the UK, Europe and USA since 2012.



Association: Australian Horse Archery Association

Started horse archery in 2013 and won 3x WHAF World Horseback Championships Gold Medallist 3x Australian National Championships and 3x Australian State Championships.



Association: The Jordanian Police Security Directorate

Participated in Al-Faris IHA Championship I and II, Turkish Archery Championship and the Malaysian Archery Championship.



Association: Kazakhstan National Team for Archery

Member of the Kazakh National Archery Team. Silver Medalist of the International Tournament at the Astana EXPO 2017.

Ali Al-Khawaldeh


Association: The Jordanian Police Security Directorate

Oman Beach Tent-Pegging Championship, and SUDAN Tent-Pepping World Cup Qualification Championship.



Association: Persian Horseback Archery Association

President of the Persian Horseback Archery Association. Organizer of Training Camps and the 1st International Equestrian Martial Arts Championship in Sar Yazd, Iran. WHAF World Champion 2011 and 2012, Bronze in WHAF World Championships 2016.



Association: Horseback Archery Ireland

Trained under Cozmei Mihai and Dimitar Trukanov with bow, lance and sword and competed in Poland, Hungary, Mongolia, Malaysia, Korea, UK, and USA. Achievements: -6th in Korean Style 2017 European Grand Prix Stage 1, Hungary -9th in Battle Track Style, 2017 European Grand Prix Stage 1, Hungary -9th overall standing, 2017 European Grand Prix Stage 1, Hungary -11th overall standing, 2016 International Battle Track Trophy, Malaysia -12th in Korean Style in 2016 Grunwald International Competition, Poland.



Association: Finnish Mounted Archery Association

Silver in Finnish Championships 2016 - Gold in Korean Track and Bronce in Hungarian Track in Finnish Championships 2017 - 11th place in Single Shot and 15th place in Serial Shot in World Championships, South Korea, 2016 - Silver in Persian Equestrian Martial Arts Competition in Iran, February 2017.



Association: Polish Horseback Archery Association

One of the world's leading horseback archers. She has been successfully participating in many international events. She was trained by Michal Choczaj and Michal Sanchenko. Together, they run the company AMM Archery that trains future horseback archers.