Competition Styles & Shows 2011

  • The Hungarian Style

    3 gallops-no trials. Target has 3 round zones of 90cm2 in size.



    • Track is 90m divided into 3 zones of 30m.
    • First zone = front shot, second zone = side shot; third zone = back shot.
    • Target tower in the middle of the 90 track 9m off side.
    • Front target, side target and back target.
    • Front target points 2, 3, 4; side target points 1, 2, 3; back target points 3, 4, 5.
    • Arrows can be shot as many as possible.
    • Time limit is 16 sec. for 90m.
    • Targets hit from the wrong zone are not counted.
    • Time exceeding no points.
    • Spare time is added to the points.
  • The Korean Style

    3 gallops-no trials/arrows must be taken out from the quiver. Target has 5 square zones each is 84cm2 in size.



    1.  Single Run
      • Track 90m. Time limit 14 sec
      • 1 target in the middle of the track, 7m off the track
      • The rider is not permitted to take the arrow before passing the starting line
    2. Double Run
      • Track 90m. Time limit 14 sec.
      • 2 targets first front then back shot, 7m off the track
      • The rider is not permitted to take the arrow before passing the starting line
      • 5 extra points when hitting both targets
    3.  Multiple Run
      • Track 150m. Time limit 25 sec.
      • 5 targets each 30m form the other. First and last 15m off the end of the track
      • The first arrow can be taken or loaded before passing the starting line
      • 5 extra points when hitting 3 targets in a row
      • 10 extra points when hitting all 5 targets


  • The Turkish Style

    3 gallops–no trials. Target is situated on a 7m high pole of 50cm in diameter. Only Flu-Flu Arrows with blunt tips are permitted.



    • In front of and behind the pole, there is a region of 4m from where the arrow can be shot
    • Second nearer region at 2m front and behind the pole
    • In the nearer region, one gets 5 points for a standard hit, 7 points when hanging off side from the horse and shooting back upward
    • If one hits in the second region, 2 points are deducted
    • If the time limit is exceeded no points
    • 3 extra points for consecutive hits
  • The Mogu Show  



    General Regulations:

    • Course length must be at least 100m
    • There is no time limit
    • A mounted rider pulls a Mogu ball behind him on a long rope (at least 5m) over the course. 2 mounted archers chase the ball while firing blunt arrows at it
    • Arrows may be held in the bow hand (as blunt tips are hard to pull from any quiver or belt and may be coated with paint to mark the hits)
    • Chasing archers may only hit the ball when both drag rider and chasers are in a gallop and not at the beginning of the course when the drag rider is picking up the lag rope or at the end when it has been dropped
    • There are 2 starting lines at 10m distance. The rider pulling the rope starting at the first line and the 2 chasers at the one behind, both starting at the same time



    • 5 points are given per hit to the Mogu ball (if this was being scored)
    • Mogu is a team sport, if held as a competition; prizes are awarded to the team 3 consecutive runs are held per team
    • The scores are added to form the total result of the Mogu competition. If possible the 3 rounds are run back and forth in alternating directions (2 one way, 1 the other).