1.) Titles and Ranks:

There will be three disciplines, - for details please refer to Menu Item “Styles” - the Oriental Style named Al-Ghara, the Asian (Korean) Style, and the European (Hungarian) Style.

All 3 disciplines will have individual champions and prizes will be awarded to the first 3 ranks of each discipline. The individual result or rank in a discipline (style) is determined by the target- and time-points scored in that discipline.

For the first time during Al-Faris IHAC III in 2018, we will have two main titles in addition to the first three ranks of each discipline.

The best-ranking competitor of all styles will receive the title “Al Muntaser”, and the prize money for best performance. Whoever wishes to compete for the title must partake in all 3 disciplines. The recipient of this title is determined by summing up the ranks of all 3 competitions.

The Title of “Al Faris” will be awarded to the one among the first ten (10) of the overall ranking who is deemed the most chivalrous. A committee of select impartial and honorable persons will be watching the competitors ‘demeanor, attitude and behavior during the training sessions and the competition.

First among the criteria is the competitors ́ treatment of the horses but also his or her attitude towards fellow competitors as well as other fellow human beings. He or she will be judged according to the standards of chivalrous behavior, like the readiness to help others, courtesy, modesty, fairness and decency, and the compliance with the standards of internationally recognized excellence in horsemanship.

This honorary award will be bestowed upon the winner by a member of the royal family.

2) Horses:

Horses will be assigned to the competitors by lottery prior to the competition. No more than 2 competitors will ride the same horse per day. Each competitor will be granted the possibility to get acquainted with the horse on a training day before the competition.

The rider (Al-Faris – Knight) has a special responsibility for his or her mount. We expect excellence in horsemanship from all competitors. If the horse is neglected or mistreated in any way, the judges reserve the right to exclude the rider from the competition.