Safety Procedures


  • Areas open to the public will be clearly indicated. The audience must keep to these designated areas at all times. Access to the competition area, the warming-up area and the stables area, (i.e. any place where competitors with horses and archery equipment are to be found), is limited to competitors, staff and authorized persons. 
  • No one, who is not explicitly authorized and a member of the competition team, is allowed to enter the track, the field or the target area at anytime and must stay behind the barriers (i.e. 15 meters away from the target area). Special attention must be taken to never enter the shooting range or cross behind the targets. Everyone has to follow the instructions of the official security personnel and/or the referees.
  • Horses may be distracted by sudden movements or changes in the surroundings. Journalists and photographers (all media personnel) will be assigned certain places and must abide by the instructions of security personnel and referees. 
  • The event organizers are not liable for those who do not follow the instructions of security personnel or abide by our general rules and safety measures.