Competition Styles

  • The European Style

    Similar to the “Hungarian Style”; 6 runs on a 90m track, target-tower in the center with 3 targets, with 3 concentric rings to be shot from 3 sections at 30m: front, side and back. Time limit is 16 sec.


  • The Asian Style

    Similar to the “Korean Style”; 2 or 3 different styles, depending on the available time, 2 runs each.



    • Triple Shots: 1 target at 45m for a shot to the side, 2 targets at 55m back to back angled forward and backwards. Track length 90m. Time Limit is 14 sec.
    • Double-Double Shots: 4 targets, two forward at 35m and at 85m and two backwards at 45m and 95m. Track length 130m. Time limit is 22sec.
    • Multiple Shots: 5 targets parallel to the track at 9m, 37m, 65m, 93m, and 121m. Track length 130m. Time limit is 22sec.
  • Al-Ghara (Attack) Style

    A new “Oriental Style”; a sequence of 6 folding down archery targets in close succession (with a distance of 8m to one another), plus 3 tent-pegging targets have to be hit during multiple runs back and forth on a 130m track.

    The total length of the track is approx. 350m. Time Limit is 70 sec. The horses have to be turned around at the beginning and end of the track. The targets have to be shot riding one way and the pegging targets must be picked up on the way back.