Al-Faris Championships

In an effort to preserve and revive the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Horseback Archery, which has deep roots in Arabic, Islamic, Turkish, Asian and European cultures, Al-Faris International Horseback Archery Championship is held under the Royal Patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II, and the leadership of HRH Prince Hashim bin Al Hussein, the Chief Councilor and Honorary Chairman of the Al-Faris Organizing Committee, in The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, since 2011. The championship also promotes interest in equestrianism and the values, arts and sports it encompasses. In addition, the proceeds of the Al-Faris events go to charity (mainly to the families of Jordanian martyrs, as done in 2012).

Al-Faris competitions usually revolve around a variety of Archery Styles – mainly three competing styles – as follows: the Oriental Style, known as “Al-Ghara” – Arabic for Raid, (a newly developed Jordanian Style that combines archery with tent-pegging), the Asian Style, known as the Korean Style - (where three different disciplines are demonstrated: the double double shots, the triple shots, and the multiple shots), and the European Style, known as the Hungarian Style.

The best competitors from 20+ countries participate in this unique event. They compete not only to win the first three ranks per style, but also to win the allocated prize money for the overall best performance and the “Al-Faris Champion” titles.








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