Katrina Kruse



Association: Australian Horse Archery Association

Founder of the Australian Horse Archery Association Inc. (AHAA). Founding member of the International Horseback Archery Alliance (IHAA). Organizer of all three International Horse Archery Tournaments in Australia. She has participated successfully at international Horseback Archery competitions since 2010 and is an instructor and owner of Medieval Horse Sports Australia, teaching Horse Archery all over Australia and New Zealand. Among others, she has been a Gold Medalist in the Masahee Style at the WHAF World Championships 2017 (South Korea); Silver Medalist overall at the Japan International Horseback Archery Championships 2017 (Obihiro, Hokkaido). She holds a Third Place overall at the Aomori International Horse Archery Tournament 2017 (Japan); Third Place overall at the AHAA Australian Horse Archery Championships 2017 (Brisbane, Australia) and was a Dual Gold Medalist - Masahee & Mogu - at the WHAF World Championships 2015 (South Korea).