Mihai Cozmei



Association: Equestrian Martial Arts Club

Practices Horseback Archery since 1998 in Hungary with a previous background in martial arts (Aikikai Aikido instructor). Interested in searching and studying the traditional styles of archery and horsemanship. Lead "The Way of the Archer" School in Pomaz-Hungary between 2004-2013. Active as a traveling Horseback Archery instructor, spreading the traditional forms of Horseback Archery practice in many countries (like Hungary, Turkey, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Jordan, Poland, U.S.A., Romania, Finland, and Sweden). Named his traditional teaching line as "Living Arrow Horseback Archery" trying to share it through international clinics, private lessons, short texts and videos. As a competitor: won several international Horseback Archery Competitions, the most important titles being: World Champion of the WHAF in 2014, Seoul, Korea; Winner of the Battle Track Trophy, 2016, Malaysia; European Champion of the IHAA/FITE in 2017, France; Winner of the Golden Arrow Competition, at EXPO 2017, Astana, Kazakhstan.